About Us

Fiberdyne Systems was founded in 2004 by Directors Julian Merritt & Karl Gladigau, providing consultancy services to auto-makers and automotive OEMs.  Since then they have expanded the team and services offered to provide hardware design and layout, product design, software build, and system testing.

PCB Design and Prototyping

Fiberdyne Systems can offer a turn-key PCB design and prototyping service.

Over the years Fiberdyne Systems have designed DSP Audio & amplification solutions for aftermarket and OEM Audio Manufacturers as well as Automotive Diagnostic tools.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us for a confidential discussion about your requirements. 


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Data Acquisition and Diagnostic solutions

Fiberdyne have been designing and manufacturing custom Data Acquisition and Diagnostic solutions for over 10 years.

Specialising in MOST25, MOST50 and CAN Bus systems, they have most recently added MOST150 to the stable too. Our customers have included some of the largest automotive companies, mining and construction companies in the world!