Automotive OEM Audio Amplifier & Microphone Design & Manufacture

Fiberdyne Research Pty Ltd based in Melbourne, Australia specializes in advanced audio Digital Signal Processing.

Audio DSP Software Library

Fiberdyne Research can provide an Advanced Audio DSP software that works on a number of different platforms and can easily be ported to new platforms.  The DSP library is designed to be used with the Fiberdyne range of 'dumb' amplifiers.

The DSP library is currently compatible with the Analog Devices SHARC and Blackfin range or processors and more recently the Renesas R-car platform and other ARM based SoC platforms.

Data Acquisition and Diagnostic solutions

Fiberdyne have been designing and manufacturing custom Data Acquisition and Diagnostic solutions for over 10 years.

We develop specialized data aquisition and diagnostic tools targeting MOST25, MOST50, MOST150 and CAN Bus systems. Our customers have included some of the largest automotive companies, mining and construction companies in the world!